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neuco was founded by John Clifton, Laurie Scott, and William Trenchard, a trio that had worked with each other for more than a decade before starting neuco and growing it to what it is today.

We are talent specialists in Connectivity, Content & Media, Satellite & NewSpace, and Cyber Security. Our expertise comes from our combined years working in these sectors where we’re proud to personally know many of the leading executives, watching them grow throughout their journey

No KPIs, just great service

The north star and single guiding goal of everyone in our teams is simple; delivering a brilliant service for our clients. By removing personal targets, KPIs, and other performance-based metrics, we’ve fostered an amazing culture filled with individuals who are unified in providing an amazing service for our clients.

Leadership Team

John Clifton

Director & Co-Founder

Julie Fretwell

Sales Operations Manager

Laurie Scott

Director & Co-Founder

Will Trenchard

Director & Co-Founder

Simon Farnsworth

Non-Executive Director

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