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Be Curious - Episode 8 - Brian Pemberton CCO at Omnispace

Be Curious - Episode 8 - Brian Pemberton CCO at Omnispace

Our guest this week on Executives Unpacked is Brian Pemberton, the CCO at Omnispace.

Brian is leading the strategy as Omnispace redefines mobile connectivity in the 21st century through global 5G. With an academic background in business and electrical engineering, and over 20 years of experience in global wireless, terrestrial and satellite communications, Brian has an impressive professional history that we’re excited to unpack in this episode.  

In his previous role, Brian led the launch and go-to-market strategy for Iridium Certus,  Iridium’s award-winning broadband initiative, as well as the development and launch of their GMDSS, offering enhanced safety and reliable coverage at sea. 

In this episode, we chat about the importance of Data Analytics, how diversity & inclusion has changed throughout his time in the industry and the most exciting thing happening in the broadcast media industry at the moment. 

Dive into more of Brian’s fascinating professional history with us in this episode of Executives Unpacked. 

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