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A unique outcome
driven partnership.

You invest in a new executive for long term results, so your search partner should be focused on the same thing.

That's why we link our fees to the 6-month employment anniversary of your new hire.

Your success is our success.

Key steps to success

Throughout our extensive process, these four core elements are key to delivering you an outstanding service.

Pre-search Report

Guiding you through prospective candidates, salary data, market intel, and organisational perception, all designed to enable the best start to the process.

4-stage Screening

Gauging candidate interest, assessing suitability, skills based interviews, and cultural and leadership assessments, our proven screening model covers all bases.

In-depth Profiles

Exploring career highlights, to reviewing and grading core competencies and skills, the profiles you receive cover every aspect of each executive we present to you.

Post-placement Review

After six months in their new role, we'll perform a detailed 360 review with key stakeholders about their integration into your organisation, further guiding long-term success.

A process that delivers

Your ultimate outcome depends on several different factors; from how well they integrate into your organisation, their continued engagement, and crucially the execution of strategies to deliver against your objectives.

That’s why our Executive Search process has been designed with those outcomes at the forefront of everything we do.

Explore our indepth process below:

As part of the kick-off phase, we’ll cover:

  • In-depth consultation with all key stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of the role
  • Uncover and agree on the core skills and competencies required for success
  • Decide and agree on key cultural and leadership qualities to be assessed
  • Discuss and provide insight on how best to ‘pitch’ the opportunity to prospective executives
  • Agree interview process and timelines
  • Agree time and agenda for weekly status updates
  • Creation of promotional material about your role that includes information on:
    • The role and responsibilities
    • Your organisation
    • Interview process and timelines
    • Key executive and stakeholder bios
    • ‘Why’ someone should join you


Ensures a complete understanding of your objectives enabling us to perfectly align our searches.

Prior to proactive candidate outreach, we’ll undertake some initial research and provide a pre-search report that details:

  • Prospective identified candidates
  • Salary and compensation market data
  • Location guidance and geographical candidate pool intel
  • Target companies we suggest hunting from
  • Market feedback on your organisation
  • Guidance on potential hurdles to overcome


The perfect range finder to make sure the search criteria is correct.

Candidate searches and outreach begin where we’ll:

  • Map and identify target companies and individuals
  • Gather names of potential profiles from our extensive global network and database
  • Discretely – and confidentially where required – approach candidates
  • Undertake our 4-step screen and interview process:
    • Initial approach to gauge interest and relevance
    • Pitch the role and ensure suitable engagement to the process
    • Screen and interview against core skills and experience
    • Cultural and leadership assessment
  • Filter and select the best and most relevant profiles to include for shortlisting submission


Confident identification of the best talent for your needs.

Having undergone our searches, you receive your candidate shortlist and search report to review:

  • In-depth Candidate profiles that include:
    • Executive career highlights
    • Executive summary
    • Essential competency review
    • Skills and experience grading
    • Cultural and leadership assessments
    • Motivations for considering a move and any initial reservations
    • Interview topic suggestions/areas to investigate further
  • Candidate search report that includes:
    • Data on outreaches and conversions
    • Candidate feedback (pros and cons)
    • Companies approached
    • Diverse talent intel


Agreement on the final shortlist to be taken forward to your first stage interview process.

As the interview stages begin, we’ll be assisting at every step of the way:

  • Diary management of your stakeholders
  • Management of all executives through the process
  • Feedback to all sides at all stages
  • Guidance and coaching
  • Management of all progressions and rejections throughout the process
  • Recommendations and consultancy from start to finish


Full confidence in the decision of your chosen executive.

Once the final candidate decision has been made, we’ll assist in:

  • Candidate expectation consultation
  • Creation and presentation of the offer
  • Gaining verbal acceptance
  • Consult on all/any negotiation aspects
  • Secure final written acceptance
  • Personal & professional references
  • Candidate assisting the candidate throughout their resignation and notice period


A successful conclusion to the search.

Your ultimate outcome is to ensure that your chosen candidate has successfully integrated into your organisation and delivers value. To ensure that’s been achieved, we will:

  • Maintain constant contact with the executive during their first 6 months
  • Have regular check-ins with key stakeholders
  • Provide and share relevant feedback to ensure ongoing success
  • Perform a post-placement review with the candidate to cover:
    • What has gone well / What could go better / What could be changed
  • Perform a 360 review with key stakeholders about the candidate’s integration into the organisation


A complete and comprehensive validation that your ultimate outcomes have been achieved.

Your world
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If your next great leader needs to know your industry, then you need a search partner who knows your world, inside and out.

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