Episode #005

It's Not About You - Episode 5 - Charles Miller CEO and President of Lynk

It's Not About You - Episode 5 - Charles Miller CEO and President of Lynk

This week, we welcome Charles Miller CEO and President of Lynk, as our guest for episode 5 of Executives Unpacked.

As a serial space entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience within the space industry, Charles has been the Founder or Co-Founder of multiple private ventures and organisations. With impressive previous clients such as NASA, DARPA, the USAF and many more private commercial space firms, Charles is a national leader in creating and developing public-private partnerships in commercial space to serve public needs.

One of Charles’ previous startups is NanoRacks, which has delivered more than 700 payloads to space and is the current world leader in nanosatellite launches. Charles has also served as NASA’s Senior Advisor for Commercial Space from 2009-2012, where he advised NASA leadership on commercial public-private partnerships. At NASA, he managed US teams that developed strategies for commercial development of reusable launch vehicles, on-orbit satellite servicing, orbital debris removal, microgravity applications, lunar development, space communications, and space solar power.

In this episode, we find out more about what Charles wishes he had learnt earlier in his career, what he thinks of the exciting future of the space industry and what advice he would share to someone entering the industry.


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